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The Book in Movies

The Book in Movies

Many great movies are about books. We have collected some of the best moments. The result is a homage to the world of books, writers and readers. Without any commercial interest. Dedicated to one of the greatest book lovers: Umberto Eco.

List of movies (in order of apperance):

You’ve got Mail 00:02

Gone Girl 00:05

Burn after Reading 00:08

Adaption 00:21

Actually Love 00:24

Shakespeare in Love 00:34

Lost in Translation 00:39

Capote 00:41

Manhattan 00:44

Basic Instinct 00:55

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 00:58

The Monuments Man 01:03

Seven 01:09

The Never Ending Story 01:17

The Book of Secrets 01:25

Schtonk 01:31

Goosebumps 01:36

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 01:41

In the Mouth of Madness 01:46

Silver Linings 01:56

Sex Tape 02:05

Gone Girl 02:13

Basic Instinct 02:21

The Pillow Book 02:29

The Reader 02:34

Leon: The Professional 02:37

Tom & Jerry 02:46

My Name is Khan 02:50

Oblivion 02:55

Dead Poets Society 02:58

The Dark Half 03:00

The Beauty and the Beast 03:02

The Giver 03:07

Wadjda 03:11

Misery 03:14

The Physician 03:18

The Name of the Rose 03:20

The Shawshank Redemption 03:23

Secret Window 03:30

Anne Frank – the whole Story 03:36

Luther 03:38

The Name of the Rose 03:43

Fahrenheit 451 03:49

Angels and Demons 03:54

After the Flood 04:04

La Lectrice 04:10

Neue deutsche Lieder


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